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Txt : 07808 528994 (Please start message with 'BGL')

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Joining Berkshire Gay Link
Our members are of all ages (18-90+) and backgrounds. We welcome new members at any time, please feel free to contact us.  As a member you will receive a quarterly newsletter, with an events listing, and you will be welcome to join us at any scheduled event where you can meet other like-minded people.
For new members we often arrange an informal meeting somewhere neutral where you may meet two existing members. At this session feel free to ask whatever you like about the group, to find out more about BGL, and you should gain some idea of whether you're likely to enjoy the group.  Or, if you wish, you could turn up early to an event and meet the host before anyone else arrives, or if you're brave enough you can just book up and come to an event.
You can join BGL any time and the memberships run for a year from when you join.
Membership fees :
   Unwaged Singles £6
   Waged Singles £12
   Couples £20